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22nd Aug 2019

7 reasons you’ll love having your own privately managed student accommodation

Why move into a student house? The step from student halls to a shared student house can seem daunting, but the positives do outweigh the negatives in what you’ll learn, experience and endure throughout your University years.

Independence with support

Your housemates hopefully, and definitely us here at Lettuce won’t leave you completely by yourself to do everything. This is probably your first experience of moving out into your very own house living by yourself, and there’s a lot to consider, think about and do! Paying bills on time, cost-effective methods of living and budgeting for food are all things that are amplified slightly more at University.

One of the main concerns students seem to have is maintaining their property and what to do and who to contact when things to break, which is inevitable. Here at Lettuce, we have our maintenance team on-site, fixing any issues quickly and efficiently. You can meet the rest of our team, here!

Building Self-Confidence

Independence helps towards building your self-confidence, but you’ll be surprised to hear it’s the little things that make all the difference. Washing, cleaning, food shopping, creating your schedules and party planning are just a few things you’ll experience during the year.

The University experience as a whole is a great confidence builder, giving you such a huge range of options from social events and societies to large study areas. Adding on living in Private Student Accommodation helps round your skills off as a person, giving added challenges that may be at home tasks that your parents would take on!

It’s cheaper!

Especially with us, you’ll find most of our student housing, all-inclusive of bills and of better value than halls with bills easily split between tenants. It also seems so much more value for money, you get a whole house for you and your mates!

It’s quieter

With Lettuce, you’ll still be living in and around students still having that student vibe, but you won’t have flat parties above or below you at every hour of the day, which we promise you you’ll appreciate during your remaining years at Uni after freshers year.

Unintentional house meals

You’ll definitely overestimate how much pasta you’ll need for one meal, but now you’ve unintentionally cooked for the whole house! This is only a positive though as they now owe you dinner. It also works out cheaper to buy to cook together rather than individually, and this will save on things such as washing up, time and space.

You can make it your proper home from home

You’ll have more space in your room and a whole house for you and your group! You also get to decide who you’re living with, and this can bring a wealth of benefits. Liking and getting on with people in student halls is a challenge in itself. You might be unlucky, as you don’t have a say in who you share with. With private accommodation, you and your buddies can start looking for accommodation as a group as soon as first year has ended. It always pays off to start looking early too to get the best locations and houses!

You have more responsibility

This prepares you for future life even more, just like a lot of University does. Similar to helping towards building self-confidence, it’ll force you into managing your time, effort and money, with the help of us and your friends. It’ll help you become less reliant on your parents, increasing your independence and it’ll give you that little extra freedom.

So, are you attending University in Coventry? Check out our available properties to rent here! After taking a look at all the photos we have online, be sure to give us a call to discuss any property you’d like to view!

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