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Who is Lettuce Lettings?

Lettuce Lettings is a private student accommodation agency in Coventry that offers Luxury Student Houses to University Students. With over 350+ rooms, 35 years experience and a specialised team, we offer the ultimate student service.

Can I choose what house to live in?

You can! See one you like? Contact us today and if the property hasn’t been booked already, we can arrange with you for a viewing!

What is the difference between private student accommodation and student halls?

The main difference for most students is you can pick who you live with! Student houses offer you more freedom,

With Lettuce, you also get large range of tenancy sizes, so if you preferred living in a large group, you could stay in one of our houses for 12! Or, if you’re looking for something smaller, we have 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed properties available.

Can I smoke in my room?

No, you can't smoke in your room.

Do the properties include all bills?

Some of our properties are inclusive of all bills such as Gas, Electricity, Water and Broadband. These are specific to each property, so check the property listings online and if you’re still not sure, give us a call! You can use our quick icons found with each listing, just like the one below.

Do all the properties have Wi-Fi?

This is specific to each property! Look out for the Wi-Fi icon on our property listings.

Who is my point of call if something goes wrong?

All maintenance queries must come through the office either via email or phone call

Can I light candles in my house?

No you are not allowed any naked flames in our properties, but this is for your safety! 

Are we allowed to bring heaters?

No, similar to the reason above, it’s for your safety as they do pose a large fire risk.

I can’t get my radiator to work, what should I do?

Please contact us so our maintenance team can come and have a look.

Can I decorate my room?

No, we do not allow wallpaper or painting. However tenants may decorate by bringing their own furniture or ornaments. 

I can’t connect to my internet router, how do I sort this?

If you’re having problems it’ll be best to contact the broadband providers directly.

Can I reserve a property and do I get my deposit back?

You can! A £100 reservation fee is required to be paid by all tenants to secure the property. This is then taken off your first rental payment, so you’re not losing out!

Is there parking available?

This is individual to each property, so look out for the parking icon on our listings like the one below.

What supermarkets are nearby?

Being so close to the City Centre, you have easy access to a variety of supermarket chains. To directly answer, Sainsbury’s followed by Lidl are the closest supermarkets to our student properties. But like we said, you’re so close to the City Centre you’re not restricted to just these two!

How far away from the City Centre are we?

So close, you’re in it! Our properties are so conveniently close to the Coventry University Campus and the City Centre, that all of our properties are just a short walk away from the heart of both!

Are the student houses near the Coventry University Campus?

Yes! All of our properties are located on the East side of Coventry City Centre! To find the location of each of our properties, you can use the maps on the individual listing, or the full feature map on each of our pages, just scroll to the bottom!

Are the beds comfortable?

The mattresses are changed once they reach there recommended life span…but if they are looking worse for wear we do replace these before if needed.

Do the student properties have secure locks?

Our property locks are so secure we do charge a fee for replacement if lost. The keys cannot be duplicated, being 5 pin Euro locks and incredibly secure, so locks would need to be replaced if this key is lost. Please find the fee on our Fees Page here.

Do the student properties come furnished?

Yes all of our properties come fully furnished, with most of our properties inclusive of appliances and TVs! 

Are there any other payments bar the weekly fee per person we have to worry about?

All of our fees not part of the weekly tenancy fee can be found online on our Fees Page here.

Do the student houses have fire alarms?

All of our student houses meet the correct standards for landlords of HMOs (House in Multiple Occupation), including having fire safety measures in place. This DOES include working smoke alarms. 

Something’s not quite right and I’d like to complain, how do I go about this?

Please visit our complaints procedure page online here. We hope you’re pleased with the service you received from us, but please let us know if there’s something wrong so we can put it right!

On the complaints page, you can find the best ways of contacting us over the phone, by email or by post.

Can I move in early?

If you wish to move in earlier than your contract date, please email or call the team on 024 7771 7171 or to discuss. 

Can I swap rooms? 

It may be possible for you to swap rooms, depending on if we have the space available. Please contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you! 

I don’t get along with my flatmates, what can I do?

We’re sorry to hear this! If you are having issues, please contact us in the first instance and we will do all we can to help. 

Is there a cleaner who cleans the rooms?

No, the occupants are responsible for the cleaning of their own rooms, the bathrooms and the kitchen/lounge area. 

Can I have an overnight guest?

Yes, overnight guests are permitted as long as they are over the age of 18 however this is capped at one guest per night. 

Can I have pets in my room?

No, pets are not permitted in rooms under the term of the tenancy agreement.