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30th Aug 2023

What To Take To University: A Checklist For First Years

It’s never too early to start preparing for your first year away from home but deciding what to pack for uni can seem very daunting so we are here to make things a little easier. We’ve made a list of things to consider packing for uni so you don’t have to. 

Bedroom Items

Student Accommodation

Most halls will be fitted with the basics such as a bed, mattress, desk and wardrobe. But there are a couple of things you will need to make you room a little more comfortable and homely. 


  • Duvet, duvet cover and bedsheets: pack more than one bedsheet so you have a spare for when it needs to be washed 
  • Mattress protector
  • Pillows and pillowcases 
  • Clothes, shoes and hangers: you will be on campus all year so remember to pack for all seasons! 
  • Laundry bag
  • Plug adapters: you will need these if you are an international student 
  • Extension lead
  • A mirror 


  • Mattress topper: depending on how new your mattress is, a topper can add an extra bit of comfort 
  • Decorations: items like photos, fairy lights and a rug can all make your room feel more homely 
  • A TV: some people like to watch TV or play video games in their rooms, so a TV can be handy. Alternatively, you can use your laptop or PC monitor to do this. Don’t forget – if you take a TV to university, you will need a TV licence if you are watching or recording live TV. 
  • Desk lamp
  • Hot water bottle 
  • A bin: remember to check if your accommodation provides a bin before purchasing one 
  • Blanket 
  • Speakers

Bathroom Supplies  

Toothbrushe And Toothpaste

It’s good to check if your university accommodation has individual en suites or shared bathrooms. If you forget any of the essentials or have simply run out of car space, don’t worry! You can always pop to the local shop when you get to your accommodation.  


  • Shampoo and shower gel
  • Toilet roll
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies
  • Handwash 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • Towels and hand towels 
  • Hairbrush 
  • Flip flops: ideal if you have a communal bathroom/shower 


  • Bathmat 
  • Deodorant 
  • Makeup
  • Makeup wipes
  • Razor and shaving cream
  • Hair dryer
  • Hair straighteners
  • Nail cutter 
  • Tweezers 

Kitchen Equipment  

Student Kitchen

Most halls will provide kitchen basics, like kettles and toasters, but it is worth checking which furnishings your halls provide in advance. Already found out who your flatmates will be?  Let each other know what you are bringing so you don’t double up on stuff in the kitchen. 


  • Saucepans and frying pans
  • Mugs and glasses 
  • Plates and bowls: look for plates and bowls with a quirky design so you can easily spot yours in the kitchen 
  • Chopping board
  • Tea towels 
  • Washing up liquid and sponge 
  • Cutlery 
  • Cooking utensils, such as a pizza cutter, wooden spoon or spatula 
  • Foil and cling film 
  • Colander 
  • Cheese grater 
  • Peeler 
  • Oven gloves 
  • Sandwich bags 


  • Baking trays 
  • Tupperware
  • Cupboard essentials to get you going: pack some tea bags, salt and pepper, dry pasta, and some tins and jars such as pasta sauce and baked beans
  • Can and bottle opener
  • Measuring jug 
  • Whisk
  • Student recipe book 

Study Items 

Student studying

Let’s not forget the most important reason why we go to university! Here are all items you may need to study hard. 


  • Laptop and laptop charger 
  • Notebooks
  • Pens and pencils 
  • Diary/planner: to keep track of deadlines  

Non Essential:

  • Highlighters 
  • Headphones
  • Calculator: be aware that if you are required to take a calculator into an exam, some universities only allow university-official calculators, which you can purchase from your Student Union shop.  
  • Folders 
  • Post-it notes 
  • Stapler
  • Printer and ink

Other Items To Pack

  • Washing detergent 
  • Any medication you take
  • A list of phone numbers, in case you lose your phone 
  • Valid form of ID (passport or driving licence) 
  • USB stick 
  • Backpack 
  • Small first aid kit 
  • Phone charger 
  • Pack of cards 
  • Drinks bottle 

Try not to overpack. You can always bring up more stuff when you visit home or in between semesters. If you get to campus and find you have forgotten something, don’t worry! You can alway pop to the shops or order things online. 

Coventry University Student Accommodation For First Year Students

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