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7th Aug 2017

Top 5 Revision Tips for University Students

Students studying at a desk

Whether you’re a fresher or a third-year student taking on your final exams, give yourself
the best chance of exam success with these top tips!

#1 Create a revision timetable

A simple revision timetable can be the key to exam success. Create a step by step guide to navigate your way through all your modules and you will stay on track. Make sure you allocate enough time for each module and schedule in plenty of breaks so you don’t lose concentration. Every student revises differently, whether that’s developing Q cards, revising in groups or reading from a text book, but the key is to ensure that once you’ve set your plan, you stick to it.

#2 Find a quiet space

A quiet place is exactly what you need during revision, so find a space where you can concentrate on your work without being interrupted for a few hours. Many students prefer to revise in the university library as it’s a working environment with fewer distractions. Others choose to revise in the comfort of their own student accommodation where they can access everything they might need and work in privacy. This will depend on your house mates of course!

#3 Test your knowledge

Asking friends or fellow study partners to test your knowledge is a great way to see what you know and what you don’t. Give them your notes and identify the areas that you struggle with the most, so you know what to come back to later. Write up some questions from these areas and work on them until you can answer each one thoroughly. Once you can do this, you’ll be well on your way to passing your exams!

#4 Reward yourself

When you’re busy revising, it’s important that you reward yourself to keep you motivated. If you can find the right balance between study and leisure time, you’ll get all your work done without resenting your revision timetable!

#5 Do your best

At the end of the day the most important thing is do you your best. There is no greater feeling than walking out of an exam knowing that you worked hard, you went into the exam prepared and you gave it your all. Not everyone will get the grade they want to, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t succeed!

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