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24th Jan 2024

Tips To Keep Warm In Your Student Accommodation

As temperatures plummet and heating bills rise, keeping warm and saving money has become a big dilemma for many students. It is important to try to keep warm in your student accommodation as poor weather conditions can negatively affect your health. 

There are many cost-effective ways to stay warm in your student accommodation this winter! Discover our top tips on how to stay warm without having to spend a fortune on heating bills. 


Woman having a coffee in a blanket

Blankets are perfect for when the temperature begins to drop. 

Whilst they won’t heat the whole room, they are great to wrap yourself in to keep nice and snug. 

But I have a duvet? Duvets are great but for the extra colder nights you can add a blanket over or under your duvet for some extra warmth.  

If you are going out to purchase a blanket consider a heated blanket to warm you up and even better keep your heating bill down! You can use it as a heated blanket or as a normal blanket for when it is less cold. 

You could even invest in something like an Oodie, a warm fluffy wearable blanket!! It will be sure to keep you warm around your student accommodation.

Fluffy Socks

Get yourself a pair of fluffy socks to help keep your feet toasty!! The fluffier the better! 

It’s said that if our feet are warm then the rest of our body will be so a pair of fluffy socks would come in handy. 

Use A Hot Water Bottle

Woman hugging a hot water bottle,

A hot water bottle will become your best friend! 

Sit and snuggle with your hot water bottle while watching Netflix or curl up in bed with one. They will typically stay warm for 2-6 hours! 

You can now even purchase an extra-long hot water bottle to cuddle with when you’re feeling extra cold!  

Hot water bottles are relatively cheap and can be purchased from most discount stores. 

Remember not to fill your bottle with boiling hot water! This can damage the bottle and add to the risk of burning! Use a hot water bottle cover for extra comfort and safety. 

Get Some Rugs

There’s nothing worse than standing on a cold hard floor! Add a rug to your bedroom and living area to help insulate your home and more importantly keep your feet warm.

Rugs also add a nice decorative touch to any room. 

Wear Layers

You’re probably sick and tired of your elders telling you to wrap up and put some extra layers on when it’s cold but it really is that simple! Layer thin items over each other for example a vest, followed by a t-shirt followed by a jumper. 

Sticking on an extra jumper or jacket can make all the difference and might even save you from turning the heating on and spending money on heating bills. You can even double up on socks.  

If you’ve got a onesie it might be time to dig it out!  

Hot Drinks

Different cups of coffee

Drinking hot drinks is a quick way to warm up. Have a hot drink in the morning to help you get warm and a hot drink at night to warm you up for the night ahead. 

Keep the kettle full and get your housemates involved in tea rounds on those colder days and nights. Plus who doesn’t love a cuppa and a couple of biscuits to go with it? If you don’t like tea or coffee try hot water with lemon or honey!

Close Your Doors

It sounds so simple but closing your doors is an effective way to help you keep your house warm. Especially if you have the heating on! 

Leaving the door open, even slightly, allows colder air to enter the room making it harder to keep a room warm. It also allows heat to escape the room. Heat can escape to different areas of your home, including out of your front door making you feel like you need the heading on for longer. 

Ask your housemates to close the door behind them when they are walking in and out of communal spaces too.  

Radiator Reflectors 

If your accommodation takes a while to heat up you may want to consider installing a radiator reflector behind your heaters. This thin sheet is intended to reduce heat loss into the walls. 

This might be something to bring up with your landlord to see if they can get someone to fit them or if you have permission to do it yourself.

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