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9th Oct 2017

Student Life: The Best Societies At Coventry Uni

track runners

Popular societies at Coventry University

Sometimes choosing between 10 different societies can be really difficult, especially if you want to try so many new activities out. With this in mind, Lettuce have provided you with a round-up of what’s available in the city so you can find the right society for you whilst studying at University!

Below is just a glimpse of the best sports societies in Coventry. Click through to the Student Union’s website and find out more about each club.

Societies for keeping fit


Men’s Football

Women’s Football



Societies for having fun




Movie club


Competitive Clubs

Team Phoenix comprises of teams that perform at the highest level in University sport.  If you’re the type who wants to represent Coventry University in sport and compete across regions, then joining a club associated to Team Phoenix could be just for you. This includes men’s football, women’s basketball, men’s basketball and rugby league.

If you’re struggling to find a society which you like, then why not set up your own? They’ve all got to start somewhere!


Is it too late to join a society?

You may be wondering if it’s too late to join a society a few weeks into term. Well, in fact, it’s not too late to get involved and start making friends. CUSU is running a campaign called Tweeks, which allows students to try out a new society for free during a two week period (2nd Oct-15th).

How many societies should I join?

It can be easy to put off the decision of choosing which society to commit to when you like the look of every single flyer that you’ve picked up at the fresher’s fair. However, sometimes too much is never enough and signing up to lots of clubs will probably mean that times clash and you struggle to stay committed to even one.

Try to sign up to 1 or 2 societies and attend every event which they hold, that way you’re more likely to make stronger friendships and develop a habit of going every week.

How committed do I need to be?

This all depends on how many societies you join up to and how often they meet. As we discussed earlier sticking to a few societies will make commitment easier.

The last resort, if you feel stretched with your time and you don’t feel like committing a lot of hours, look to sign up with a society that meets less and takes things a bit more light-heartedly.

Do I need any prior experience for joining sports clubs?

No, you’ll find a lot of people are trying sports out for the first time. CUSU sports clubs will have a number of teams for varying abilities, so you won’t need to worry if you don’t make the first team.


Coventry Uni has some of the best societies out there, so you can be confident you’ll find the right one for you once you’ve moved into your student house in Coventry City!


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