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20th Dec 2017

Why students will flock to Coventry in 2021

Coventry city of culture banner

Students will love Coventry after hearing this

A huge round of applause from the Lettuce Lettings team to Coventry for winning the UK City of Culture 2021! The nationwide competition runs every four years and aims to use culture as a driver for economic and social transformation.

Coventry is likely to see an increase in interest from students next year and it could go on to become 1st choice for a lot of students in 2021. The city will be host to hundreds of exciting and dramatic cultural events during the lead-up and through-out 2021. Even as soon as next year, Coventry will start to see exclusive events, so don’t be surprised if you’re the first on your friend’s list to visit at uni!


Student life during the lead-up and in 2021:


  • How does a 3 year party sound?

As a student, you’ll be able to experience culture in a whole new style. By the sound of things, the party has already started. As we speak there are new events being added to the list.

You can expect to have a plenty of occasions to go to in your free time, including food festivals, music, workshops, dance and visual art and performance events.


  • Volunteering/employment opportunities

With so many events happening in the city there is a high possibility that volunteering opportunities for students could increase. These would be a great way to experience the events first-hand.

It is very likely that business investment and tourism in the city will increase. This could mean that local businesses hire more students for part-time work, so no need to worry about going into your overdraft!


  • Planning events

It could be possible that we see students have their say in the creation of large-scale events in the city. This would be a fantastic achievement to put on your CV and job applications.

As a Coventry Student Lettings Agency who has been established in the city for 20 years, we’re extremely proud of this achievement and we look to back the bid all the way. #Thisiscoventry


If you’re a student who’s looking for the best accommodation in Coventry, give Lettuce a call 024 7771 7171 or email us!

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