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6th Sep 2021

Student Halls vs Student Properties: Which Is Best?

If you are fortunate enough to be attending university for the first time you could be feeling slightly overwhelmed by the whole process. New starters are inundated with information and will have a lot to sort out before they can let their hair down. 

One of the chief concerns you may have prior to leaving is where you are going to live. There are now increasingly more options available where student accommodation is concerned. We are going to dissect two of the traditional forms of accommodation, halls and private rented, to help you make an informed decision. Students halls or student properties; which one really is best? 

Students Halls 

A Good Stepping Stone 

Choosing to stay in university halls, like anything, has its positives and negatives. The first thing to point out is that halls can be a good stepping stone into university life and adult independence. A lot of students starting university for the first time will have limited experience being self-sufficient. They may have relied on parents to pay bills, prepare meals and clean clothes. As a student, moving into a rented property gives you a lot of independence. This may be overwhelming for some people. Living in university halls, therefore, allows you to make a steady entrance into being self reliant. Bills are often included in these sorts of accommodation offers and you have the security of being around like minded freshers. 

Party Central 

If you are an extrovert, student halls are fantastic. There is always a party going on, a gathering to attend, a pint to be had. Attending university, first and foremost, is about obtaining your degree. But it is also a time to make new friends and discover who you are and want to be. Arguably, student halls put you in the best position to make new connections with people and experience university nightlife. 

If, however, you are not hugely confident around tonnes of new people then halls can be a challenge. As university halls are typically a hub of activity they can also be loud and disruptive. If you really value your sleep and want to hit the ground running in regard to your studies this may pose a slight issue. 



This can be a lifesaver sometimes. You will be living with new, often unknown, people in halls and there is no indication of how clean your flatmates are. A lot of the modern university halls have cleaners that come in fortnightly or once a week to clean the communal and kitchen areas. The additional support you are given by your halls’ cleaner can be a big weight off your shoulders. 

Private Student Properties 

Make Your House A Home 

Contrary to popular belief, living in university owned accommodation as a new student is not the only option at your disposal. More and more we are seeing students veering from the norm and heading into private student properties. We believe student properties are a great option; offering the best of both worlds in a number of ways. A big plus for opting to stay in a private student property is the independence you gain. A lot of purpose built student accommodation comes as is. With a private rented property you have the freedom to inject a bit of personality. You are likely going to spend a lot of time in your accommodation whilst you are at university. You want to make sure, therefore, that you are comfortable. 



Avoid The Madness 

This segment refers back to a point made earlier in the article. Sure, living in halls can be exciting with the abundance of social activities. But as you settle into the routine of uni life, and subsequently want to focus on work, university halls can get tiring pretty quickly. In a rented property, for the most part, you are going to avoid excessive noise and the environment will be a lot more calm and predictable than in halls. As we said earlier, if you really value your sleep and want to commit to your course from the offset then private rented accommodation may be the way to go. 


Choose Who You Live With 

One of the big unknowns when moving into university halls is who you are going to live with. Sometimes, you can get lucky and land on your feet. You may be sharing with a number of like minded people that you form strong connections to over the course of the year. Other times, you could be sharing with people that you do not get along with. This can make living in university halls quite a miserable experience. By moving into private rented accommodation you remove this roll of the dice. You will be able to choose who you live with or, if you are going into a houseshare, you will be able to meet the people first. 


We hope you enjoyed our article outlining some of the key differences between staying in university halls and a private rented student property. At the start of the article we set out to answer whether staying in halls or private accommodation would be better as a new student. Although there may be more opportunities to mingle in halls, we believe the independence and flexibility gained in private accomodation makes it, generally, the better option. There are additional perks to note when moving into a private rented property also. Here at Lettuce, we own all of our properties. This means if you encounter any problems you can deal with us directly to resolve the issue. There may be a lengthy process to navigate if you are living in a university’s halls. Moreover, student halls have a tendency to be removed; located far away from your campus. The properties available through Lettuce are within a convenient and walkable distance to the city’s main campus. These are a few of the many reasons we believe renting private accommodation is ultimately the superior option. 

If you are a student in and around the Coventry area visit our Property Page where we have a number of affordable accommodation options to suit a variety of group sizes. If you are torn between the two accommodation options our properties at Willowbank Mews provide both the privacy of private renting with the community feel of halls. 


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