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28th Nov 2018

Student Halls VS Private Student Accommodation

The natural step for University students is the progression from student halls in the first year, to a shared student house in the second year. But what are the main differences? The jump can be quite large, but here at Lettuce Lettings, we’re here to help you with anything you may find difficult!

From Friends to housemates

It’s easier than the first year, as in most cases you would’ve chosen the people you’re going to live with as you already know them! This will either be new friends you’ve made on your course or people you’ve already lived with. Pricing at the start can be the main talking point, but here at Lettuce we have a range of prices, locations and number of beds to suit all!

Bathroom Blues

A general issue of moving from student halls to shared houses is bathrooms! Many of you would have experienced having your own private bathroom in student halls, but you’ll have to get used to sharing when moving into a house. However, a couple of our properties do have an en-suite per room, so be sure to take a look quickly!

Lettuce’s Luxury

There are many pros and cons to living in any student accommodation, halls or housing, but we make the benefits outweigh the cons. With a variety of properties, we have security teams making sure you feel safe in your home, a luxury available in halls that isn’t available with many student houses. We can also eliminate the common risk of letting from a bad landlord, with all of our properties owned by us ourselves; you know exactly who your landlord is before commitment.

Don’t Panic

The biggest worry we hear from students every year is concern about looking after their new property and what happens if something goes wrong? Our very own maintenance team know our properties inside out, so if anything out of your control goes wrong you can easily get in touch and we’ll solve the issue! This saves you the time of trying to find external labourers to diagnose, then solve at a cost!

*security on site at Willowbank Mews and on selected homes

**quality of housemates not guaranteed

If you’re still looking for student accommodation in Coventry, you’re in the right place! We’ve still got some of our best accommodation available, give us a call 0247771 7171 or email us.

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