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6th Sep 2018

Lettuce’s list of things everyone forgets to take to Uni

When moving to University, being prepared for certain situations in advance can make life so much easier! Below we’ve compiled a list of ordinary items of which forgetting them would having a larger impact than you think. Remember, just don’t forget them!

Coat hangers

Makes your clothes easier to organise and more importantly, the creases fall out better than folding!

Boxes for your room

Boxes have multiple uses. Keep some around as you’re likely to only be in you accommodation for a year then you’re onto the next. It also makes it easier to organise your room rather than having an explosion clutter.

Formal Clothes

An interview, celebratory meal, awards night, social evenings. There are loads of situations which already having nice formal dress with you can save you rushing to try and get anything and ultimately, save you money.


A good pair of scissors will be impossible to find unless you take some. You won’t miss them until you don’t have them.


The best way to make friends. If you have a playlist ready as well, win win.

A mirror

Check if your accommodation has a mirror prior to leaving as some rooms don’t have one at all!

Extension Cable

Let’s be honest you want your phone next you your bed, but the plug will be the other side of the room.

A doorstop

Keeping your door slightly open means you can still talk to your new flatmates from your room, without having to leave it! Amazing.

Fancy Dress

There WILL be a use for your costume throughout the first year.

Air Freshener


Bottle opener

The second best way of making friends. A good technique when meeting the flat upstairs at a party!


Come in handy for when you’re trying to sleep and work! Otherwise you’ll be tired for your 9am whilst the flat upstairs forget why they’re actually at Uni.

Ethernet Cable

The student accommodation WiFi either won’t work or barely works, and sometimes it’s just easier to plug it in.



Winter Clothes

Multiple uses, to keep you warm outside and inside when the central heating doesn’t work.

Laundry Basket

Organisation is key. Keeping your laundry from things you haven’t worn is a good start.

A memory stick

Good luck finding an excuse when you miss a deadline, a memory stick ensures a real ‘my computer crashed’ disaster is avoided. Also helps with presentations.

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