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24th Feb 2021

How Can I Improve My University Room?

Making your student bedroom your new home away from home is a key part of University life. Feeling comfortable in your surroundings will not only help with settling in but also will help with grades and general wellbeing too. At Lettuce Lettings, we’ve compiled a list of ways to make your student room more homely. It’s the little things that make a house a home.

Hang Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a popular feature in many University rooms. This flexible decorative lighting solution can be used in multiple ways to add character, from hanging over walls and shelving to tied around bedposts and headboards. The best place to find these cheaply would be Amazon!

Create Room Divisions

A common issue with University rooms is they’re all usually laid out in the same way. Make sure you have clear sections in your room by dividing your work, sleep and clothing spaces. Separating these areas out allows you to create different mindsets for tasks you’re trying to achieve! With University life being generally very busy, having a structured organisation within your own room helps to calm the chaos down.

Decorative Cushions

Pile them up, and make your bed look inviting! You need to make your bed the comfiest place possible to prepare yourself for the next day. Pillows and cushions can then also be moved around the flat or home, for movie nights or group working in the living room! 

bedroom bedding

Cosy Bedding

Having the same or similar bedding to the one you’re used to at home could make your uni bedroom seem all the more homely. You can through a bedspread in there to make it even cosier and keep you warmer on the winter nights. The mattress you’re provided with may be completely different from what you’re used to, so a mattress topper could help with a good night’s sleep! Try Argos and Dunelm for some memory foam ones.

Keep a Throw Close at All Times

Multipurpose throws are a must when living in halls or houses. They can add character to your room, compliment the interior with their colour and can keep you warm because of their size and thickness. Again, another must for those inevitable house movie nights. Fluffy throws can be found at Wilko and for a wider selection of patterns check out  Dunelm or B&M.


You can hang posters in your room (WITHOUT using blue tack) to personalise your bedroom. HMV, Amazon and even in the Students Union, have poster sales now and then and Etsy offers a wide variety of options. Command strips are a great solution to easily hang up your posters without damaging the walls. You can find the best price for these at Wilko in Coventry.

Home Comforts

It could well be your first time moving out, so trying to settle in as best as possible is the ultimate aim. Personal items like photos, teddies, blankets and pillows will help you settle and ultimately improve your night’s sleep and ability to study!

If you’re still looking for student accommodation in Coventry, you’re in the right place! We’ve still got some of our best accommodation available, give us a call 0247771 7171 or email us.

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