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21st Aug 2017

How To Find Last-Minute Uni Accommodation

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Last Minute Guide for Undergraduates

Have you found yourself with a clearing place and are now wondering where to live? Or are you a 2nd or 3rd year student who has left it to the last minute? Well don’t panic! We’ve compiled a simple guide for undergraduates to help you find last minute student accommodation.

Flat/house share

Living in a student house can be a really fun and exciting experience, you’ll be sharing a kitchen with less people, you can have your own personal space and it’s likely to be cheaper than halls. Living with strangers can be a bit scary but it’s actually no different than if you choose halls ahead of time.


Living in a family or friend’s spare room could be very beneficial to you, not only to your studies but to your finances. It’s likely that there will be fewer distractions compared to the busyness of halls, and you’ll be able to save some money on rent and bills. But bear in mind that you could easily distance yourself from attending fresher’s events and meeting new friends if it’s your first year at Uni.

Private Halls

Private halls tend to get snapped up quickly by fresher’s, but there’s always the chance that people have dropped out at the last minute. Private halls are typically more expensive, so if you’re working with a budget, make sure you check out affordable student housing first.

Here are your must-have tools

Offline Tools

  • Contact letting agencies in the area by phone as there may be a time lag with website data. For example, some students may drop out of housing contracting last-minute. If you’re looking for student accommodation in Coventry, contact Lettuce Lettings & our friendly team will help you get sorted.
  • Speak to family or friends who live in the city and ask if you can lodge with them while you find a student house right for you. This will help take off the pressure of finding somewhere urgently.  

Online Tools

  • It is very likely that there is a Facebook group for finding people to live with or joining students in a house. Also, search for University Freshers pages and write a post explaining your problem or browse through the feed to find anyone in similar positions.
  • Follow lettings agencies on social media for places to live, they may advertise a property that’s not on their website. Check out Lettuce Lettings on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Gumtree – Popular site for student house shares to be advertised.
  • Spare Room – Online platform for searching for flat shares in your University’s locality.
  • Student Room – This is a fantastic resource for finding people in a similar position very quickly.


There are plenty of tools out there to help you with your student house search so don’t panic, you’ll be enjoying uni life before you know it!

If you’re going to be starting at Coventry or Warwick University, give Lettuce a call 024 7771 7171 or fill out our contact form!

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