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10th May 2024

Different Types Of Student Accommodation At Lettuce Lettings

Looking for student accommodation can seem like a very daunting task, especially when you don’t know what type of property is best for you! We offer a range of accommodation types all with different benefits depending on what you want from your student accommodation. Discover our accommodation types to learn more about which is best for you. 


Studio Living 


One of the main benefits of having a studio apartment is learning how to look after yourself and be independent in your own place! Living by yourself means you do your own cooking, cleaning, and washing. All great life skills to have before you go into the world of adulting! 


A studio provides you with your own kitchen so you can cook what you want when you want and you don’t have to worry about housemates eating your food or leaving the kitchen a mess! You don’t have to rely on flatmates to clean up after themselves, the only things around will be your own mess. There is also no pressure on you to clean up after yourself straight away as you will be living in your own space. 


Studio flats often have smaller spaces compared to flats for multiple people so this is something to take into account when choosing the right accommodation for you. 

Students Playing Pool

Consider a different type of accommodation if it is your first year of university! Although they are very private, studios can be isolating and if it’s your first year at university it is good to be around others in the same boat. If however you prefer your own company (even as a first year) then a studio may be the right accommodation type for you. There will still be plenty of opportunities to socialise as most student accommodations have communal areas. A great option for final year students who need a quiet space to work and prioritise studying over partying! 


View all of our 1 bedroom student accommodation in Coventry for the next academic year. These accommodations range from 1 bedroom flats to 1 bedroom houses for people who prefer a little more space. 


Shared Houses 


Living with multiple people in a student house has many perks! One of the best things about living in a house with other students is the social aspect! There is so much you can do with the people you live with from movie nights to cooking to getting ready together. You can even help each other study if you are on the same or similar course. It’s also a great way to make new friends and can help you find people to live with for the next academic year as you will already know what they are like to live with. 

Students Having Dinner

Speaking of cooking, when living with other students as well as cooking together, if you all get along, you can food shop together to try and save some money. You can plan your meals with your housemates and you can all buy everything you need accordingly. 


Socialising is great but what do you do when your social battery runs out? You can always spend time alone in your bedroom when you want some me time or when you’re just not feeling sociable. It’s the best of both worlds!  

Students In A Shared House In The Kitchen Washing

You can even share the cleaning! Why not put together a cleaning schedule for all the people you live with? Do bear in mind that not everyone will participate in the cleaning or will follow a cleaning schedule! 


One of the downfalls of living with other people is that unless you already have a group of friends organised to live together it is normally down to luck who you get as a housemate. You can get housemates who are the perfect people to live with but you may also get people who are more inclined to go out on a night partying than you. 


Does a shared house sound like the perfect student accommodation for your next academic year? Take a look at all of our 4+ bedroom student accommodations in Coventry. We have a range of accommodations for new or returning students perfect for a variety of budgets, including properties for groups already looking to live together. 


Purpose Built Private Student Accommodation 


Introducing Willowbank Mews. This flagship development includes properties of a range of different sizes designed to create a community for student tenants. 


Willowbank Mews is only a 5-minute walk from the heart of the Coventry University campus and is surrounded by everything you need including supermarkets and restaurants. It’s the perfect location for students attending Coventry University! 


Check out one of our stylish en-suite houses at Willowbank Mews in our house tour!


This student development also comes with a night security guard all year round for your peace of mind, helping you feel safer in your home. There is also an in-house maintenance team on hand to help with any issues you may be facing. This is something that may not be as readily available with student houses. When renting from a landlord you may find it is a longer process to report and get issues sorted as they can be busy with other day to day tasks before dealing with your issue. 


Does Willowbank Mews sound like the right property for you? Get in touch with our team on 024 7771 7171 for more information! You can secure a property with a £100 holding deposit! 


Student Properties In Coventry And Warwickshire


Here at Lettuce Lettings we have a range of properties perfect for students studying at both Coventry and Warwick University. Explore our properties to find the best one for you or get in touch and our team will help you find the perfect student accommodation for your next academic year. 

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