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21st Feb 2018

Coventry Vs Warwick Uni (Varsity 2018)

The most anticipated sports event is upon us, the moment we’ve been waiting for. Coventry VS Warwick Varsity! For one weekend only (23rd-25th February) teams at both universities will be battling it out to determine who will be crowned champion of Varsity and whether the win streak can be broken.

Warwick University’s prominent 27-year streak is hard to forget about but at the same time its winning streak could crumble to pieces if Coventry has what it takes this year.

Cov vs Warwick Varsity 2018

Will Warwick Win Varsity 28 years in a row?

3 Must-See Events at Varsity

See all the fixtures here:

1) Varsity Opener: Friday night (23rd)

Women’s basketball: 6:30pm

Men’s basketball: 8:30pm

2) Saturday night (24th)

Women’s Hockey: 6:00pm

Men’s Hockey: 8:00pm

3) Varsity Finale: Sunday night (25th)

Women’s football: 6:00pm

Men’s football: 8:00pm


Whether you’re from Warwick or Coventry Uni, head down to the games and show your support! It’ll be one of the best weekends at Uni this year; you can find all the tickets below:


Warwick Varsity Tickets:

Coventry Varsity Tickets:


Stay updated with Warwick’s scores:

Stay updated with Coventry’s scores:

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