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5th Oct 2016

Coventry: A Student City


What is Coventry like for students?

Coventry is a student city in as many ways as is possible. With a student population of 30,000 and two great universities, how could it not be? However, Coventry is not always the first place that springs to people’s minds with the mention of the words ‘student city’. For our debut Lettuce Lettings blog, we thought we’d take you through what makes Coventry a great city in which to spend your time at university.

6 Reasons Why You Should Live In Coventry

  1. Shopping and Restaurants

This is any area in which many considered the city to be lacking, but recent developments have greatly improved Coventry’s shopping and restaurant scene. The newly developed Fargo Village on the outskirts of the city centre has added a whole new element. Fargo is fashioned as a creative village, with independent shops, food markets, and vintage stalls. Its variety and deviation from the high street is particularly appealing to your tastes as a student. Similarly, the aforementioned Broad Gate has recently had a make-over on the restaurant front.  It now features a brand new Wagamama, Las Iguanas and a Cosy Club. Not to mention, the Midlands is famous for its Indian cuisine, with a wide variety of independent restaurants providing this.

  1. Nightlife

Moving on to nightlife, there’s a variety of options that can appeal to students. The Kasbar is widely regarded as the holy grail of Coventry nightclubs. It offers a discount student night on a Monday, as well as featured bands and DJs on weekends. Scream Pub, ‘The Phoenix’, is heaving with students and is situated close to the student union and the main Coventry campus.  For a more sophisticated drink you can head to Drapers wine bar or Inspire bar. Each have their own unique setting. Coventry is quite cheap compared to the price of a pint in larger cities, as these generally hover around the £3.00 mark.

  1. Location

London is just 86 miles away from Coventry, and a 56 minute train journey can take you directly to London Euston.  Similarly, Birmingham is a mere 20 minutes away on the train. Surrounding Coventry is gorgeous Warwickshire countryside, peppered with attractive locations such as Kenilworth, Stratford Upon Avon and Royal Leamington Spa. However, we hope that this blog post has proven that Coventry has more to offer than its mere location!

  1.  History

Coventry has a unique history that defines it as a city. The medieval story of Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom is known the world over, and indeed a statue of Godiva resides in Coventry’s city centre, in Broad Gate. In more recent history, Coventry suffered a pummelling during the World War II Blitz. Since then, the city centre has been given a complete restructuring and is completely unrecognisable. The skeletal cathedral (the roof of which collapsed during the bombing) serves as a reminder. Many students enjoy learning and discovering Coventry’s history, and value how this enriches their experience as students. Our favourite historical spots in the city centre include Saint Mary’s Guildhall and Coombe Abbey on the outskirts of the city.

  1. Culture

Coventry is home to theatres, art galleries, and the thriving Warwick Arts Centre.  There’s plenty for students who are interested in more cultural pursuits. Coventry was the home of the 2 Tone scene in the 1970s, and many bands have emerged from the city since. Coventry hosts the annual Godiva Festival, which is the largest free music festival in the UK.

  1. Student Accommodation

There’s lots to choose from to suit all tastes when it comes to your student accommodation in Coventry. Take a look at the Lettuce site; our prices start at just £75 per week. Our exclusive Willowbank Mews properties are luxury student houses that can house up to 12 students, or as few as two. Most of Lettuce’s properties are within a 5 minute walk of the main Coventry uni campus. We built and selected our properties to compliment everything that’s great about this hip student city. Enquire now to secure your property with us.

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