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16th Mar 2018

Best Things to Do at Easter for Coventry Students

If you’re like some students who aren’t going back home this Easter and staying at Uni, then you’ll probably be thinking how am I not going to get bored?

Are all your house-mates away this Easter and you’re the only one in the house? Well it’s not the end of the world, use this free-time to your advantage and explore Coventry this Easter!

5 things to do in coventry this easter

Top 5 Activities to Do at Easter for Coventry Students

1. Peaky Blinders Night (SAT 31ST MARCH)

Have you been watching Peaky Blinders while at Uni? Well for those Blinders fans out there, there’s a one-off Peaky Blinders Night coming to Coventry that everyone’s talking about.

Dress up in your best 1920’s attire, flat caps for the boys and flapper dresses for the girls (dressing up is not compulsory). Letitia George from the The Voice is also making an appearance, singing a set of songs from the 1920’s.

2. Easter Egg Ice Skating Hunt (29th MARCH – 16TH APRIL)

How about ice skating? Planet Ice in Coventry has a fun and affordable event for students this Easter, an Easter egg hunt on ice!

Have a chance of winning some exciting prizes by collecting all 7 Easter Egg Clues hidden in the rink.

3. Escape Rooms 

The reviews say it all; Escape Live in Coventry has to be the most thrilling activity to do for students in the Easter.

If you like the sound of being given 60 minutes to get out of a locked room by solving riddles and cracking codes then this may be perfect for you.

4. Trampoline Park 

Before you say it, no you’re not too old to go RedKangaroo trampoline park. The park is open to all ages and its facilities do not disappoint.

With wall-to-wall trampolines, a ninja warrior course, tumble track and a gladiator beam to settle any disputes over kitchen messes with flat-mates.

5. Climbing Wall

Whether you’re a keen climber or have never been before, the Ballroom Climbing Wall is always a good call for getting out of the house and giving yourself a fun challenge.

Their bouldering walls are the best type of climbing; you don’t have to worry about heights as you’ll be close to the ground, with a soft crash matt below. Try it out and see what you think.


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