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28th Jul 2017

4 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Student Accommodation

Student holding house keys

As a student at university, one of the biggest responsibilities you will face each year is deciding where you are going to live. This can feel daunting, especially for those starting their first year, as there are a number of things you need to consider before you sign a tenancy. So to help you find the best student accommodation that’s right for you, here are 4 top tips from Lettuce Lettings.

Student Accommodation Tips

#1 Decide which type of student property is right for you

The first question to ask yourself is what kind of accommodation do you want to live in? For most students, one of the best parts of university life is moving out of the family home and into your own student pad. Private accommodation, such as a rented house or flat, offers the freedom and independence to live your student life the way you want to. If you look forward to meeting new people or living with your friends, private renting could be the perfect choice for you. But for others, the money saved from living at home outweighs independence and so many who are studying close to home choose to commute instead.

#2 Choose a good location

Location is a really important factor when considering where you want to live as a student. For most, the option to walk everywhere is vital. Having a car isn’t an option for most, and even if you do, parking can prove to be a nightmare in most towns and cities! So it’s important to consider where you student accommodation is located. Is it situated close to the university, local shops and city centre? If not, is there accessible and affordable public transport that you can use?

We aim to provide quality properties in the best locations in Coventry. Our student properties are all situated in popular locations, whether that’s a ten minute walk from the university library or close to local shops and restaurants. For an update on our latest properties, check out the our facebook.

#3 Consider who you are going to live with

Most students have a great time living with their friends, which is why private renting is a popular option. Quality letting agencies will offer a broad range of accommodation so you can find a property to fit you all in, however many of you there are! At Lettuce Lettings, we provide houses with up to 12 bedrooms to cater for those who love their social life and like to save on the pennies. But living with others isn’t for everyone. Some people like their space to be their own, so if that’s you, look out for 1 bed properties or studio apartments.

#4 Know who your landlord is

When you rent private accommodation as a student, it’s important that you can contact your landlord, so you will need to know who your landlord is before agreeing to any contract. If repairs are needed in your property, it is the responsibility of your landlord to fix them. However, you will need to know the process to get problems dealt with as sometimes you might have to go through a lettings agent first. So make sure that everyone renting the property has a clear understanding of what to do if something goes wrong.

Lettuce Lettings own all of the properties we rent out, so when you choose your student accommodation with us, you know who your landlord is from the start! We believe this enables us to offer a better service and give our students more confidence in their decision to rent privately.

Lettuce Lettings offer the best private accommodation for students in Coventry. Check out our student properties for rent available for 17/18.

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