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23rd Jan 2018

4 Reasons to go to Refreshers Week

What is refreshers week?
Refreshers week is a repeat of freshers but in the second semester of University, which is for first, second and third years. It usually consists of events organised by the students union, local bars and clubs. It’s a week where you’ll be able to join new societies and take a break from January exams.

Refreshers Uni Disco


Reasons why you should go to Refreshers at Uni

1. Have a well-deserved break

So you’ve just finished January exams and you’re probably feeling exhausted after revision. Well, this is a perfect time to re-charge those batteries and have some fun with your friends before revision starts again.

2. A week’s worth of parties that everyone is going to

It’s guaranteed to be one of the best weeks for going out in Coventry, with bars and clubs across the city running exclusive refreshers events. Kasbah will be hosting one of the biggest events, with prize food on offer!

Coventry Uni’s Disney themed bar tour, When You Wish Upon a Bar, is a go-to event for all students who want to explore more of Coventry’s nightlife. Join everyone else in your best Disney costumes for one of the best nights of the year.

3. Join new societies

Refreshers gives you the chance to join sports clubs or societies that you wish you would have joined from the start or ones that you’ve heard are really exciting to play, like @CovUniBBall. If your New Year’s resolution is to get more active then this could be the best opportunity for you.

4. FREE food & goodies

Did someone say free food? We all know that one flatmate who will jump at the opportunity for a free slice of dominoes pizza. Well, you and your flatmate are in for a treat because Dominoes will be at the CUSU refreshers fair this year.

If you’re running low on pen’s and paper for the next semester’s note taking, don’t worry because CUSU will be at the fair giving away freebies.


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