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16th Jan 2017

10 Easy Ways to Create More Storage in Your Uni Room

Is your student room running out of space?
Follow these top tips!

We understand that keeping all of your worldly belongings contained in one room can be difficult. So, whilst the student accommodation here at Lettuce Lettings is spacious, we want to help give you some advice on how to create some storage in your room, maximise your space and help to keep it tidy and organised! 

#1 What season are we in?

Keep your clothes organised into seasons. Is it summer? Only get those clothes out. Is it getting chilly and you need a bigger coat? You’ll find it in the winter section! Keep the incorrect season clothes stored in your suitcase so that they don’t take up valuable space – you don’t need to be rifling through shorts and flip-flops in the middle of a bitter and chilly January! If there isn’t room to hide it away in say, your wardrobe, invest in some vintage suitcases and stack them in the corner to give your room a little chic touch. 

#2 Think outside the box

Get inventive with your organisers to keep all the little trinkets in your room in order. Bedside storage sets slide under your mattress with pockets to store your charger, reading glasses and all the things that usually clog up your bedside table because you know you’ll need them again within hours, so putting them away in a drawer or storage box is unnecessary. A little slide storage is ideal for things that need to be put away, but not for a long time. 

#3 What’s under the bed?

Invest in a bed with a large storage area whether that be in the form of drawers built into the bed frame or a storage area is revealed when you lift the mattress. What a perfect place to have your belongings stored whilst losing no floor space don’t you think?. Have a bed already supplied but you have space underneath? Buy some storage stackable boxes! 

#4 Folding matters

One wardrobe is never enough so take inspiration from Pinterest for ways to store, fold and hang your clothes. There are plenty of clever tips like adding shower hooks to a hanger to store your scarves, attaching a can ring pull to your coat hanger so you can double up and fold your t-shirts vertically in a drawer to fit more in. Socks and underwear can even be folded to save space! Even more, putting stacking shelves or storage boxes inside a wardrobe maximises space and finds room for your shoes.

#5 Create your ideal office space

Creating a study box for your desk is a great way to store your belongings so you can get cracking on your university work, it’s one less thing to worry about too! Take inspiration from this “office in a box” blog. Of course, you can make it your own and use it alongside things such as binders, cork boards and whatever else helps you study.

#6 Upgrade your essential furniture

If you’re buying a side table to go next to your bed, make sure you choose a design with drawer space. For extra elevation, go for a tall design so that you can utilise the space underneath with plastic storage boxes for extra shelving. Every little space matters! 

#7 Your door holds valuable space

Over the door storage is a genius use of space, don’t believe us? Try adding hangers to the back of the door to hang coats and dressing gowns, or buy a rack with different compartments to hold everything from jewellery to a hair dryer and see how much space it frees up, we swear by it!

#8 When storage becomes furniture

Storage stools are a neat addition to your bedroom as they add extra seating as well as more storage. Why not add an ottoman to the bottom of your bed and have that as extra storage for clothes, shoes or books! There are lots of different designs, materials and colours available across the internet so you will be able to find one to match your decor down to a tee. 

#9 Get all the shelving

For those of you who have way too many shoes, you will know that they are a pain to store! If you have the space, go for a bookshelf for a surprisingly efficient way to stack your shoes. If you’re really limited, then go high. Place clothes rails on the walls or at the top of your wardrobe so that you can hook your heels over them. If you have spare storage under the bed, you could always place your shoes into a storage box which you keep hidden under the bed and pull out whenever you need another pair. 

#10 Pin it!

Cork boards are a unique and brilliant idea for wall storage! They can be easily hung above your desk and an added bonus is they make easy jewellery organisers too. Use some fancy push pins for hanging important letters, documents and reminders so they don’t get lost in your room.

Do you have any more ideas for make-shift storage? Follow us on Instagram at @lettuce_lettings and let us know!

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